Welcome to ECO Shaft

Our Company

We specialize in the manufacture of new CV joint and drive shaft for all types of vehicles. With a combined experience of 15 years in the automotive replacement parts market, we know what customers need and this enables us to create reliable yet afford able CV joints and drive shafts or join our new administration and learn how to make form 940. Thanks to our research and development team’s in depth knowledge, we are able to design and manufacture any type of CV joint or drive shaft in merely 15 working days thanks to our responsive employees who now get payed using a new tool jus like this fake check stub maker. Hence, we provide better and more comprehensive services in today’s competitive environment.

Vision & Mission

  Vision To Be the most eco-friendly and cost-effective player in the drive shaft and CV joint industries. Mission To supply high-quality, cost-effective and reliable drive shafts by capitalizing on the strength of our network and our industry knowledge. Advantages of Using EcoShaft CV Driveshafts Low plunge resistance in the joint equals low bearing load. Constant velocity at every angle. Vibration-free at high speeds of up to 8,000 r.p.m. Alignment not required. Very short coupled design possible. Lubricated for life. Maintenance free....

Test & Quality

  At ECO SHAFT,  we never compromise on quality. Our research and development facilities and manufacturing plant are ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified. Testing protocols include the following: Salt Spray Test Magnaflux Test Tensile Strength Test Physics And Chemistry Test Vulcanized Rubber Test Ozone Aging Test Chamber Profile And Roughness Tester 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Torque Test

Our Products

  Sideshaft Solutions: A sideshaft is a system that transfers power from a differential to the wheels allowing wheel, thus movement due to steering or suspension movement.     This system has three major elements: Inboard Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) – Including lubrication and sealing system interconnecting shaft. Outboard Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) – Including lubrication and sealing system In most applications, the inboard CV joint is a plunge joint that allows the effective length of the sideshaft to adjust due to suspension movement. In front (or steer) axle applications, the outboard joint must transfer power effectively through wide range of angles (up to 52 degrees). In rear axle applications, joint operation angles are much lower.

Our Promise

  Due to our rigorous quality requirements, we are confident in the quality of our CV joints and drive shafts. All of them come with a 1 year or 50,000km warranty. We believe that this will ensure our customers’ peace of mind.   Fixed Ball joint AC The AC fixed ball joint is suitable for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, providing a maximum articulation angle of 47 degrees to meet the criteria for steering and suspension movement. It is the most popular choice for the wheelside of CVJ sideshaft. 100% New CV Drive AXLE Precision rolled threads and splines for hassle-free installation. Bearings, races and housing are heat treated to original equipment or better specifications for long life. Precision ground seal mating surfaces for long life. Equal to or exceeds original equipment in fit, form and...